ATTN: Ecom Store Owners

Here's the perfect solution, if you want to increase revenue using Klaviyo

(even if you have no time)

When was the last time you jumped in and optimized your Klaviyo flows? What’s your frequency 1-2x/month? Picture this…you just got a beautiful plant in your kitchen. The leaves are thick and silky with a dark green color. The problem is you only water it once a month. Slowly, the plant starts to develop brown spots, and the silky leaves turn into shriveled clumps. After a while, what’s left? But what if you watered it 2-4x/week? This is your Klaviyo account. You have to jump in and optimize it 2-4x/week.

Here’s the problem you face as an ecom owner

-- There’s always a fire to put out, which means things like Klaviyo get no attention.

-- You have to be really good at 100 things, which means you can’t be a Klaviyo master.

-- You run a people intensive business, which means not having a lot of energy to experiment with Klaviyo.

Luckily for you, there’s a solution

Hey, we’re Klavigro. 👋🏼A dedicated Klaviyo growth agency.We have one focus.
One obsession.
One goal.
Increase your revenue

By the way, we only work with a handful of clients. We have a few spots open for winter 2024.

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